Iron Neck is for everyone!

What is IRON NECK?


The latest innovation in neck training—IRON NECK—was released in 2012, as research studies began to link increased neck strength to decreased risk for concussions. Iron Neck was invented by Mike Jolly, a former football player and wrestler at UCLA. It combines linear and rotational resistance for a more functional way to train the neck and core.

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Proactive Concussion Management


There are nearly 4M sports-related concussions in the US every year. Research tells us that increased neck strength reduces concussion risk.

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An Overlooked Piece of the Puzzle


For every one pound increase in neck strength, odds of concussion decrease 5%. You are as weak as your weakest link. Make sure neck strength isn't your weak link.

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Chronic Pain

Nearly one billion people around the world suffer from chronic neck or back pain. Nagging discomfort, debilitating pain or limited mobility can feel impossible to overcome. Learn how Iron Neck puts you in control of your recovery.

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Research Shows:

A motor vehicle accident at as little as 5 mph can induce a neck injury, most commonly from Whiplash or Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD).

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Accident Recovery

Traumatic injuries from violent jolts and collisions happen in an instant, but take time to heal. When recovering from a neck or spine injury, use progressive strengthening and mobility exercises to get back on your feet and living your life to the fullest.

Iron Neck Information

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